Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It all started with her "bok". Now its her blankie, but he loves his too. They both have two blankies they carry around everywhere. They get creative, and wear them as capes, put them on the ground and pretend they are stepping stones protecting their feet from hot lava. Tyson was wearing his around his waist today like a towel. They love to snuggle with their blankies, so anytime I want to snuggle, I grab their blankets, put them on my shoulder, and they both come snuggle. I had a blankie, and called it my 'b' (i think) and I still have it. Its torn to pieces, and I only have a little section, but I will be keeping these blankets for them forever.


  1. Thanks for the comment Brit! I can't get over how Libby is turing into such a pretty girl, she isn't even a toddler anymore, she is a little lady and a darling one at that! Tyson is to die for the blanky!!!

  2. YES! never throw them away. "La La"....wherever you are....I wish I still had you :(

  3. I love my kids and their blankets...that is what I do too when I want to snuggle with always works like a charm!!