Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tyson is 2!!

I cant believe my baby is 2. I swear I remember his first cries in the delivery room. His blonde hair. His cute big lips. Now he is a toddler. He LOVES Toy Story. He would watch it all day every day if he could. I love that he will get his blankie and sit up on the couch all ready to watch his show, then tell me, 'yaya he hoo!" (his sound for Woody) We had a good birthday for him. We went camping with all of our friends the from Thursday till Sunday, then got home Sunday @ 12, got ready, cleaned the house, and ran to the store for our party @ 4. All our families came, Tyson got lots of sweet gifts. We are grateful for our loved ones. He had a special day. I love my witto mista!

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