Monday, June 13, 2011

Its been so long!

I dont mean to ignore it. I just have been super busy with school and my family there has been no time! It was a wonderful weekend, besides all the studying I had to do:) Midterms are coming up in a week, and I am just a tad stressed!!!!! Hope I can retain all the info. Libby is such an awesome swimmer, somersaults forward and backwards, she has to have her goggles to do it, but hey, she swims like a fish! Last year Tyson was only 1 so he was a bit clingy in the pool. This year, we put the body suit on him, and the swimmy arm things, and he doesnt want us to hold him back! He is kickin and swimming all over the pool. So excited and happy. I am too! I can get a tan and be in the sun once again! He learned how to say 'bumbobee' and 'y-esss' (with a tiny lisp) and so proud of himself. Here are just a few images from swimming this weekend. Happy week everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

recent picts:

I love how Libby dressed up in the whole costume, horse, shield,  protective armor, sword, and mask.

 I surprised Libby one morning with a grasshopper. I saw it on the patio and thought it would make her day. It did. She carried it around all day, and when she put it down, it would stay where ever that was, on the brim of her hat, on the table, in a shoe, the back of her radio flyer bike. where ever!

 Watching 'yaya he hooooo!" they are so cute.
 My little Libber. She is always good for a smile.

 He looks so old in this picture:( He went potty on the toilet this past week. While in the bath, he kept pointing to the toilet. Libby was the genius that said, "I fink he has to go potty!" so, just to see what he would do, I sat him on the potty, he pushed and peed, and he was so proud of himself.
 The ol grasshopper. Still hangin on. Libby said, "grasshoppers like me cuz I protect them"
Here they are being super goofy, Lib will let Ty ride on her back like a horsey. He loves this. 
And Libby still has the grasshopper in hand.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things Libby Says:

She cracks me up every day. The other day, we were walking along, and she says, "I have a mommy who loves me" awe. She is my biggest love bug.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


We have been camping a few times this last month. We sold our pop up trailer and bought a Polaris Ranger. Its way more fun to go off and explore as a family. We went back to tent camping, which is nice, but the heat doesnt stay in a tent at all, so its cold, but Scott did a great job getting 73 blankets to keep us warm.
When we went a few weeks ago, I twisted my ankle, and this last time I did it again but much worse. Its purple and green, and swollen. Pretty rough. But besides the ankle we had a great time up north of Payson, before Pine. The place we go is by running water, and on warm days the kids like to splash around in it. I started school on Monday @ Pima Medical. I am going for their Occupational Therapy Assistant degree. Its 18 months, mon-thurs, 1-5. So far I am loving it, although I am afraid of the homework, and tests! yikes.
They are awesome instructors, and the class is so eager to learn. I better get ready now! But I didnt want to forget about posting a few pictures from our latest camping excursion!
 Dirty boy. He had so much fun this time. Its only gonna get better! He is almost grown out of his babiness.

 Our tent. It sleeps 10, but its perfect for 2 queen air mattresses and 4 bags of clothes! Its also nice Scott can stand up and walk around.

 Tyson is so rotten to Tux. He tries to ride him like a horse.
 We always bring the kids Power Wheels, they love riding around the forrest in it!
 This is the creek we camped by. So pretty!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He loves it so much.

I swear since he turned 2 he has become such a big boy. He is silly, goofy, brave, & funny. Most of all he loves his blankie. LOVES it so much he jumps on the tramp with it. I love that boy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tyson is 2!!

I cant believe my baby is 2. I swear I remember his first cries in the delivery room. His blonde hair. His cute big lips. Now he is a toddler. He LOVES Toy Story. He would watch it all day every day if he could. I love that he will get his blankie and sit up on the couch all ready to watch his show, then tell me, 'yaya he hoo!" (his sound for Woody) We had a good birthday for him. We went camping with all of our friends the from Thursday till Sunday, then got home Sunday @ 12, got ready, cleaned the house, and ran to the store for our party @ 4. All our families came, Tyson got lots of sweet gifts. We are grateful for our loved ones. He had a special day. I love my witto mista!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It all started with her "bok". Now its her blankie, but he loves his too. They both have two blankies they carry around everywhere. They get creative, and wear them as capes, put them on the ground and pretend they are stepping stones protecting their feet from hot lava. Tyson was wearing his around his waist today like a towel. They love to snuggle with their blankies, so anytime I want to snuggle, I grab their blankets, put them on my shoulder, and they both come snuggle. I had a blankie, and called it my 'b' (i think) and I still have it. Its torn to pieces, and I only have a little section, but I will be keeping these blankets for them forever.