Thursday, May 5, 2011


We have been camping a few times this last month. We sold our pop up trailer and bought a Polaris Ranger. Its way more fun to go off and explore as a family. We went back to tent camping, which is nice, but the heat doesnt stay in a tent at all, so its cold, but Scott did a great job getting 73 blankets to keep us warm.
When we went a few weeks ago, I twisted my ankle, and this last time I did it again but much worse. Its purple and green, and swollen. Pretty rough. But besides the ankle we had a great time up north of Payson, before Pine. The place we go is by running water, and on warm days the kids like to splash around in it. I started school on Monday @ Pima Medical. I am going for their Occupational Therapy Assistant degree. Its 18 months, mon-thurs, 1-5. So far I am loving it, although I am afraid of the homework, and tests! yikes.
They are awesome instructors, and the class is so eager to learn. I better get ready now! But I didnt want to forget about posting a few pictures from our latest camping excursion!
 Dirty boy. He had so much fun this time. Its only gonna get better! He is almost grown out of his babiness.

 Our tent. It sleeps 10, but its perfect for 2 queen air mattresses and 4 bags of clothes! Its also nice Scott can stand up and walk around.

 Tyson is so rotten to Tux. He tries to ride him like a horse.
 We always bring the kids Power Wheels, they love riding around the forrest in it!
 This is the creek we camped by. So pretty!


  1. love it. makes me wish we were a camping family :)

  2. I love this. Looks like fun!!! Tyson is to die for in that first pic....perfect!