Monday, June 13, 2011

Its been so long!

I dont mean to ignore it. I just have been super busy with school and my family there has been no time! It was a wonderful weekend, besides all the studying I had to do:) Midterms are coming up in a week, and I am just a tad stressed!!!!! Hope I can retain all the info. Libby is such an awesome swimmer, somersaults forward and backwards, she has to have her goggles to do it, but hey, she swims like a fish! Last year Tyson was only 1 so he was a bit clingy in the pool. This year, we put the body suit on him, and the swimmy arm things, and he doesnt want us to hold him back! He is kickin and swimming all over the pool. So excited and happy. I am too! I can get a tan and be in the sun once again! He learned how to say 'bumbobee' and 'y-esss' (with a tiny lisp) and so proud of himself. Here are just a few images from swimming this weekend. Happy week everyone!

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  1. LOVE these pics! You have the cutest little family :)